Transaction fee

There are two counterparts to every transaction:

  • Market makers place orders to buy or sell оn the market before transactions take place which creates liquidity in the market (an order book is formed). These orders are not required to be executed immediately.
  • Market takers conclude transactions at the current market offer.

Market takers pay a fee for each transaction. The size of the fee depends on the volume of your trades. Every 24 hours we calculate the trading volume for the last 30 days of trading on your account and dynamically adjust the commission value in accordance with the table:

Market maker (rebate)Market taker (fee)Trading volume (last 30 days)
0.01%0.10%≥ 0 BTC
0.02%0.09%≥ 5 BTC
0.03%0.08%≥ 15 BTC
0.04%0.07%≥ 30 BTC
0.05%0.06%≥ 50 BTC

We pay rebate to market makers - part of the fee that market takers pay. We want to stimulate new orders in the order book to reduce the difference between the buy/sell price (spread) to increase the liquidity in the exchange.

How to become a market maker in order to get a rebate

Place a transaction order which will be placed in the order book.


1. The current BTC sell price is $1000

You have placed an order to buy for $1000

The order will be executed immediately. You will pay a fee in accordance with the transaction fees table.

2. The current BTC sell price is $1000

You have placed a limit order to buy for $950

The order will be placed in the order book.

After it is executed, you will receive a discount in accordance with the rebate table and will not pay a fee.

At the cryptocurrency exchange traders are charged a fee to deposit and withdraw funds. The fee depends on the currency and the deposit/withdrawal method.

Deposit fee

The deposit and withdrawal limits in our cryptocurrency exchange are only determined by the currency deposit and withdrawal limits of your payment method.

Withdrawal fee

You do not have to withdraw using the same payment method you used for depositing funds. You can withdraw your funds using any payment method available on the exchange. The list of available payment methods can be found in the tab "Account" by selecting "Deposit" or "Withdraw" for the required currency.

If you are unable to withdraw funds:

  1. Make sure that you have enough funds in the account for the amount you want to withdraw.
  2. If you have changed your personal details, we will have suspended withdrawals for 72 hours. Please wait until the end of this period.
  3. Withdrawals are only available after executing at least one transaction on the exchange.
  4. You might have carried out some suspicious transactions. Security Service could have temporarily blocked your account for review.
  5. Contact the Customer Support Team.
How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposit and withdrawal times vary depending on the selected currency and payment method. Deposits via bank transfers can take up to 2-5 days.

Like other reliable cryptocurrency exchanges we reserve the right to delay customer's withdrawals for up to 72 hours for security checks.

Take into account the fees incurred due to the selected trading strategy

Select an exchange with your goals in mind to reduce your costs. Cryptocurrency exchanges with minimal transaction fees usually balance it out by high deposit/withdrawal fees.

Exchange to fiat money

You can exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency at this trading exchange, and crypto currency for fiat money. The cryptocurrency rates at our website are often better than at standard online currency exchangers. When using our trading exchange for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money, it is better to choose payment systems with minimum deposit/withdrawal fees. However, it is not guaranteed that there will be a buyer for your offer.

Under the terms and conditions of the exchange, you need to complete verification in order to work with fiat funds.

Exchanging cryptocurrency to fiat money without registration or fees is only possible when working with private parties, which is not safe. The risk will be lower only when you use a trading exchange or a reputable currency exchange venue.

Fees imposed by the cryptocurrency exchange on transfers of currencies between customers' accounts

Our exchange does not allow transfer of funds between customers' accounts.

Please note! There are restrictions on transfers to bank cards

Cards issued in the US are not allowed for deposits and withdrawals. Russian MasterCards are not available for withdrawals.